5 Popular Pet Birds in India (2020)

Love for pets never dies! Pet Birds are one of the best companions you can have in your life. In India, most popular pet options are Dogs, Cats, Fishes and Birds. Birds are intelligent creatures with their interactive nature brings happiness in our lives.

If you are wondering about best pet birds that you can adopt into your family. Then look no more you will find your question solved here in this article.

Here are the List 5 Popular Pet Birds in India and the world

1. Cockatiels

pet birds

Cockatiels are one of the most affectionate and friendly birds out there. They are native to Australia. Cockatiels belong to the Cacatuidae family which includes Cockatoos. You can say by their crest both Cockatiel and Cockatoo has one on their head.

Cockatiels are intelligent, Friendly and Gentle birds. Cockatiels are great beginner birds. They love to sit with you and enjoy their time. They love being handheld if raised from a chick. However, you can tame adult cockatiels but it’s a little difficult when compared to a hand raised and a handfed cockatiel.

Cockatiels are social creatures which mean they live in a large flock in the wild. So if you are planning to adopt a cockatiel it’s better to adopt them in pairs. If you still want a single bird then you must spend some quality time with them.

These birds do love to whistle especially the male one’s. Females do whistle sometimes but not much like its male counterpart. Remember you should never adopt a pet birds for its talking or whistling abilities.

Cockatiels are good apartment birds they don’t make much noise. Although some cockatiels do make noise, it’s nowhere near bigger birds like conures and macaws. Cockatiel bite doest cause much pain like bigger birds but if you are allowing children to handle them, remember to monitor them as your children may accidentally hurt the bird.

Life Span15-20 years depending on care
Sound LevelLow
Apartment FriendlyYes
ColourGrey, Albino, Lutino, Pied, Pearl, Cinnamon and Mixed patterns
Bird Stats
Catches to note:
  • Cockatiels produce dander which may be allergic to some people. It’s important to clean the cage once a weak at least.
  • Cockatiels are social creatures so they don’t like being alone.
  • Cockatiels make hissing sounds when they feel threatened.
  • These birds have a crest which can be useful to identify the bird’s mood.
  • Water must be changed regularly to maintain the health of the bird.

2. Budgies

best pet birds in India Budgie

Budgies are one of the most popular pet birds in India. They are easily available to adopt and are low maintenance birds. If you are looking for beginner birds then budgies are definitely for you.

Budgies are very active, Lively and intelligent birds. Budgies are also known as “Parakeets”. These birds are easily available for adoption in India and all over the world due to the fact that these birds breed often.

These birds do chirp constantly throughout the day although they are not loud some may find it disturbing. Budgies don’t like being alone either adopt them in pair or spend quality time if you want one. These birds have a small beak so even it bites it’s not going to hurt.

Only allow children to play with them under supervision as they may hurt them accidentally. Budgies are great talkers maybe they won’t be clear like larger birds but yes they do talk. These birds can be apartment friendly as they are not loud except for constant chirps.

Budgies are easy to hand tame but they do not like cuddles. You can handle them without cuddling.

Life Span5-10 years depending on care
Sound LevelLow
Apartment FriendlyYes
ColourMulticolour, green mixed with yellow(primary)
Bird Stats
Catches to note:
  • Budgies do not like being alone.
  • These birds do make constant sound through out the day.
  • Budgies don’t like being cuddled.
  • Clean cages once a week change water daily.
  • These birds must be handled gently as they are fragile.

3. Love Birds

African love birds famous pets

Love Birds also know an African Love Birds are active, energetic and comical pet birds. Even though these birds are small they do demand lots of attention. Love Birds have a big personality in a small body.

Love birds do come in different subspecies most famous one’s are Peach Faced love birds, Fischer’s Love bird and Masked love birds. These birds look beautiful and vibrant. Love birds are one of the smallest parrot species.

There is a myth that love birds can’t be kept alone without a pair. The fact is love birds can be kept alone if you spend time with them. The reason why love birds should not be kept in pair is that they breed readily. Most pet owners can’t handle a bunch of these parrots.

Love Birds bite do cause pain so its not advisable to let your children handle them. Love Birds are not known for their talking abilities. Love birds whistle rarely. Love birds are not a good pet for an apartment as they are loud. Love Birds can be tamed if handfed.

Life Span10-15 years depending on care
Sound LevelModerate
Apartment FriendlyNo
ColourMulticolour depending on subspecies
Bird Stats
Catches to note:
  • Love Birds can be kept without a pair if you spend proper time with them daily and provide toys.
  • These birds can bite hard so keep them away from children.
  • Clean cages once a weak at least and change the water daily.
  • Love Birds are not good apartment pet birds.
  • Love birds are not known for talking abilities.

4. Zebra Finches

Zebra Finches birds as a pet

Zebra Finches are small little birds that is available in India and around the world. These finches are one among the other finches. Zebra finches are small and easy to take care of.

These birds are social creature which lives in a flock in the wild. If you are planning to adopt one the buy them in a pair. These birds do breeds readily so if you don’t want to have a bunch of new chicks in the cage then buy a same-sex pair.

If you are searching for the pet birds that you don’t need to spend time with then look no further these birds are the right pet for you.

These birds do not love being handled it’s better you leave them in the cage. Zebra Finches makes a soft singing sound and they are not loud. Hence these birds are very well suited for an apartment.

Zebra Finches need medium sized cages to move around freely.

Life Span3-5 years depending on care can live up to 10 years
Sound LevelLow
Apartment FriendlyYes
ColourMixed colour Grey, Black and White with Orange beak
Bird Stats
Catches to note:
  • Zebra Finches need a medium-sized cage to fly freely.
  • These birds are not known for their talking abilities.
  • Zebra Finches are social birds so adopt them in pair.
  • These birds don’t like being touched so leave them in cages and enjoy watching them.

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5. Pineapple Conures

Pineapple Conure Bird

Pineapple Conure a mutation of Green Cheeked Conure is very playful and intelligent pet birds. These pineapple conures have become very popular in India recently.

Pineapple Conures are very smart they can be taught to do tricks. Although these birds are from the conure family which is known to be very loud. Pineapple Conures are relatively less loud compared to other conures.

These birds can become quite nippy at sometimes but it’s actually an affectionate bird. These birds do bite and it can be very painful at times. So don’t let your children handle them without your supervision.

Pineapple Conures are not known for their talking abilities but they make up for it in performing tricks. These birds do have a lot of personalities.

Life Span30+ years depending on care
Sound LevelModerate
Apartment FriendlyNo (but some birds can be very silent depends on personality)
ColourMixed colour Grey, Black and White with Orange beak
Bird Stats
Catches to note:
  • Pineapple conures are social birds so they need lots of attention.
  • Provide your birds with toys to keep them mentally happy.
  • These birds can bite hard so be careful when handling them.
  • These birds do need a bigger cage for them to roam freely.
  • Clean their cages twice a week and change the water daily.

Advantages of having pet birds

  1. Birds are great companions and you live alone you can talk with them to avoid feeling lonely.
  2. Birds are a great stress buster as they make us laugh and interact with them we forget our problems.
  3. Birds can keep you active as they need attention and maintenance.
  4. Birds can develop your social circle as people love to about pets.
  5. They bring lots of joy and happiness.

Points to Note Before Adopting a Bird as a Pet

  1. Discuss with your family whether they are willing to adopt a bird in the family.
  2. Birds require lots of attention so think whether you can spend a certain amount of time with them daily.
  3. Even though you don’t need to take them for walking, you have to spend time to clean their cages and to feed them.
  4. Native birds are illegal to own in India. Check wildlife Protection act 1972.
  5. If you are from other countries then check your local law.
  6. Birds like cockatiel produce dander ( a white powdery substance ). If you are allergic to dust avoid adopting them.
  7. Don’t buy pet birds for its talking ability. Some birds may talk others may not talk it depends on individual personality.

Final Catch:

These are a list of best pet birds in India and around the world. These birds are very popular are relatively easy to adopt and take care of. If you have any thoughts leave it in the comments below.


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