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Suzuki S-PRESSO: A Mini SUV of India.

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suzuki spresso
Suzuki S-Presso Image Credits: NDTV

This year the automobile industry in India facing huge pressure. A lot of companies are trying to make their position higher in the automobile market. Many companies design and promote plenty of vehicles with advanced features in the market. Likewise, Maruti-Suzuki introduces its new vehicle named Suzuki S-PRESSO. Maruti-Suzuki is a leading company in the automobile industry. They are always on the move to give tough competition to its competitors.

Maruti-Suzuki is a well-known company for designing and producing budget vehicles. This company has a very good reputation in India with The most successful product being the Maruti-Suzuki Swift and Maruti-Suzuki ALTO.

we’re going to cover all the related information about Suzuki S-PRESSO a mini SUV. and try to identify whether it is worth buying.

1. Introduction of Suzuki S-PRESSO

2. Launch date and price

3. Specifications and features

4. General review

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction of Suzuki S-PRESSO.

Suzuki S-PRESSO is SUV type vehicle from Maruti-Suzuki. The company also called him a Mini SUV of India. This car looks really impressive. This small car from Maruti-Suzuki is designed by the concept of the future-S car. The company introduced this car in six different coloursSizzle Orange, Starry Blue, White, Fire Red, Metallic Grey, and Silver. The company also promises to introduce more colour variations of this mini SUV in it’s upgraded, model. Maruti-Suzuki also offered the 4 key variations of Suzuki S-Presso. Standard, LXI, VXI, and VXI+ are the key variations of this mini SUV. Suzuki S-Presso is built the derivation of Fifth-generation HEARTECT R platform.

This platform contains more than 40 per cent of high steel which enhances the safety and durability of the product. This HEARTECT R platform is adapted in India. This product is a Made In India which contains more than 97% of localization.

2.Launch Date and Price.

Suzuki S-PRESSO was launched on 30th September 2019 in India. This car was showcased in AutoExpo2018 in Delhi.

This car contains 4 key variations with more than 10 iterations. Each variation of this car contains different prices. The price of Suzuki S-PRESSO starts from 3.69 lakhs to 4.91 lakhs.

Note:- This price is an offroad price of this car. The on-road price of this lowest made of this car is might be 4,41,931 rupees. This price is a very relevant and fair price for the car like Suzuki S-Presso.

3.  Specifications and features of Suzuki S-PRESSO.

  • The engine used in this Mini SUV is a 998cc, 3 cylinders inline engine which is said to be one of the best engines for motor vehicles. 
  • This mini SUV contains a K10B type engine.
  • It runs on petrol.
  • The Max power of this Mini SUV is 67 bhp which is called a good power support system for any car.
  • The mileage given by Suzuki S-Presso is about 21.4 Kmpl. It is a very good score for an SUV type car. This rate will also influence the public to buy this car.
  • There are 5 manual gears designed in this car.
  • It is a 5 seater small SUV type car.
  • The front brake of this car is a Disc brake and the rear brake of this car is a Drum brake.
  • The minimum turning radius of this car is approx 4.5 meters. This is also a great score for an SUV type motor car
  • The front suspension of this mini SUV is Macpherson strut with Coil spring and its rear suspension contains Torsionbeam with Coil spring.
  • The spare wheel of this mini SUV contains Steel in it.
  • Stylish design makes it classy, which also influences people to buy this mini SUV.
  • The Average maintenance cost of this car comes around 3,560. This is the average cost of 5 years.

4. General Review.

This car gets positive reviews from the buyers. Maruti-Suzuki is a well-known company for its quality for the price. The company is very satisfied with the sales of this car. They also commented that they are working on it’s upgraded version expected to be introduced in 2021. People who buy this car are very satisfied with its performance and commented that Suzuki S-PRESSO as the best value for money car.

5. Conclusion.

Suzuki S-PRESSO is a great car to buy suitable for short families. It has received a positive review from reviewers. This is the best buy if you are looking for an SUV looks and budget-friendly car.