Hamster as a Pet with price India

So considering to adopt hamster as a pet? Well, then that’s a great choice! Hamsters are generally good pets for children and for adults and the best part is they are among the low maintenance pets and with that being said they do need proper care to be active and happy.

Types and Hamster Price in India

Hamster comes in different sizes, colours and personality traits. The Three most commonly kept hamster as a pet is Syrian, Dwarf and Chinese hamster. One point that is common with all these types are that they are nocturnal.

1. Syrian Hamster

Syrian Hamsters are the most common types of pet hamsters that are owned by humans. These hamsters are largest when compared to Dwarf and Chinese hamsters.

Syrian Hamsters are available in two varieties one is the short-haired and the other the long-haired comes in different colours and patterns. The Golden and Teddy Bear are generally very popular Syrian Hamster varieties.

These hamsters do better if kept alone as mature males and females tend to fight often leading to injury or death. These hamsters need a good-sized cage and proper beddings. Water should be changed regularly to keep the hamster’s health in check.

Syrian Hamsters mostly live for 2 years and these rodents are nocturnal (i.e) they tend to be active during night. These rodents definitely need a hamster wheel or ball to stay active and to relieve from the boredom.

These hamsters can be tamed if trained from the early age.

types of hamster syrian hamster
Syrian Hamster Short Haired
Size6-8 inches
Lifespan2-3 years
ColoursYou can check them here
Hamster stats
Catches to note:
  • They come in short and long haired varities.
  • They are the largest among other pet hamsters.
  • They do better if kept alone.

2. Dwarf Hamsters

Three different Hamsters come under the Dwarf Hamster category which is Roborovski, Campbell’s and Winter White Hamster. These hamsters are the smallest when compared to Syrian and Chinese hamsters.

Dwarfs are one of the most commonly kept hamsters as a pet. They are tiny maximum size being 4 inches. They are fast and great escape artists. Never let your hamster out unsupervised. Even when having them out keep them in a closed space so that they can’t escape.

These hamsters come in different colours except for the Winter White hamster which comes only in white colour as the name suggests.

Roborovski hamster
White Face Roborovski Hamster
SizeRoborovski: 2 inches, Campbells: 4 inches, Winter White: 3.5-4 inches
LifespanRoborovski: 3-3.5 years, Campbells: 1.5-2 years, Winter White: 1.5-2years
ColoursThey are available in multiple colours and patterns. Except for the Winter White only available in white colour
Hamster stats
Catches to note:
  • Dwarf hamsters are very small compared to other hamsters such as Syrian and Chinese hamster.
  • They are great escape artists. It’s better to keep them in closed spaces.
  • They get along with other dwarf hamsters.
  • Water and food should be changed regularly to maintain their health.
  • Hamster wheel or ball is necessary to keep them active.
  • Dwarf Hamsters are also nocturnal.

3. Chinese Hamster

Chinese hamsters are small in size but are not the dwarfs. One noticeable thing in the Chinese hamster is that they have short tails compared to the other hamster varieties.

Chinese hamsters are typically brown in colour with black stripes on their back. These hamsters can be taken in hand if you have been handling them from a young age. These hamsters are nocturnal creatures so it’s better you don’t disturb them when they are sleeping.

These hamsters can be kept along with the same-sex pair or in a small group. They are quite generally so it won’t be a problem if you live in an apartment.

Size4 inches
Lifespan2.5-3 years
ColoursTypically Brown in colour with black stripes on the back
Hamster stats
Catches to note:
  • Chinese hamsters have a noticeable tail.
  • Chinese hamsters are small in size but are not classified as the dwarfs.
  • Chinese hamsters can be kept along with a same-sex pair.

Hamster price in India

1. Syrian Hamster price in India

Syrian hamster price in India = 700-1000 INR (pair) may vary slightly based on city. While adopting a Syrian hamster check they are active and healthy.

2. Dwarf Hamster price in India

Dwarf hamster comes in three varieties Roborovski, Winter white and Campbell’s. The general price on Dwarf hamsters in India = 500-1000 INR (pair) price may vary based on city.

3. Chinese Hamster price in India

Chinese hamster price in India = 400-800 INR (pair) price may vary based on city. Remember to check the health of the hamster before adopting.

Things to Know before owning hamster as a pet

1. Hamsters and Children

Owning hamsters as a pet can be fun and entertaining with an additional point they being relatively low maintenance. While it comes to children it is necessary that you teach them how to handle these small rodents. Hamsters if mishandled can bite and it’s quite painful when they bite.

2. Hamster Food

Feed your Hamster with fresh food every other day. It can be a mix of vegetables and fruits. Hamsters don’t like to eat leftovers Keep changing your hamster food daily to keep your hamster healthy. Hamster Chow is an important food for your pet hamsters they love to eat them. You can buy hamster chow in nearby pet shops.

3. Hamster Cage

It is required that you clean the hamster cage once a week. The hamster bedding should be cleaned every month to avoid bad odour. Cleaning the hamster cage and changing the bedding is very crucial for your pet hamster. It prevents them from getting the disease and helps your hamster stay healthy and happy.

4. Exercise

Hamster need exercise daily to stay happy. Hamster wheel can be placed in cage for these rodents to exercise. The other way to provide exercise to you hamster is by using hamster ball. You can place your hamster inside the ball which comes with proper ventilation and let them roam in your house. Note, you have to be with them when your hamster is in the hamster ball never let them out unsupervised.

5. Grooming

Just like cats, the hamster doesn’t need grooming that’s because they groom themselves often every day. Long-haired Syrian hamsters may need little grooming to avoid shedding. Hamsters don’t require bathing as they clean themselves regularly.

6. Toys

Hamsters should be provided with chew toys. If your hamster does not have the chew toys they may start chewing the cage which is unwanted trouble. You can find chew toys in the nearby pet shops. Remember, only buy toys that are specifically made for hamsters.

7. Health care

Hamsters need to have a checkup at least once a year even if you feel your hamster is healthy. Hamsters can have problems like overgrown teeth, sore on feet, blood urine, wet tail and bald patches.

Final catch

Having hamster as a pet is fun and can teach your children the responsibility. Even if they don’t provide interaction like Dogs, Cats or Birds they still are very fun to watch and comes as relatively low maintenance.


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