Kombai Dog(Combai) Breed Information

No doubt, the most commonly acknowledged attribute of a dog is loyalty. Remember we used to read about dogs and the first line was always “Dog is a faithful animal”. So many people around the world today adopt dogs as pets. Generally, they expect their dogs to be friendly, lovable, and most probably cute.

But the scenario was not always like this. Kings used to have royal hunter dogs who could easily take down bears, bison, or even leopard. Farmers used to have dogs to herd their cows or other animals and to keep them safe from predators of the jungle. Yes, you’ve read it right. There are dogs who are loyal to a fault, brave enough to kill a bear and way more than just cute. Our hero of this article is one of them, named Kombai dog.

Kombai dog(Combai)

Kombai dog is named after the city “kombai” located in Tamil Nadu, India. Kombai has always been neglected in India. Apparently native dogs despite being a lot more useful and low demanding lose to the fluffy coated and cute foreign breeds. Kombai breeds love their owners and make the best night guard.

If you find your night guard snoring in his chair, feel free to replace him with a Kombai dog. You will get a guard who will die fighting for you and also a companion for a lifetime. Sounds great right!

But wait a minute. Read this article and find out all the facts you should know before deciding if a kombai dog will be suitable for your family and lifestyle.

Here’s all information about Kombai dog (Combai)

How do you identify a kombai dog?

Well, before going to a breeder, you must know how a kombai looks like right? Because some dog breeds look kind of similar. Now we don’t want you to get confused in the adoption center, do we? Quickly read bellow the common features of a kombai dog.

Kombai unlike other dogs has a short and rough coat, which makes it easy to groom. Weight varies from male to female (male are recorded to be average 25 to 30 kg and female are 20 to 25 kg). Sturdy and muscled legs, strong jawline with a black mask, sleek waistline and high curly tail ranging from medium to long size are the distinctive features of a Kombai dog. Tan and reddish coat with black nostrils is the reason native people believe kombai to be a descend of a fox. The average height is 23 to 26 inches.

They are known as Indian Boar Hound, Indian Boar Dog, Indian Terrier. In case you don’t know what a hound is, Hound is referred to a dog who chases its prey and kill. Hounds are normally found two types: Smell hound and Sight hound. A smell hound chases its prey using smell and the sight hound uses its unmatched 270-degree vision to locate and chase its prey. Kombai dog is an excellent sight hound. That’s why they are perfect as a nightguard.

Now all of that being said, you must be wondering how much will it cost you ? Don’t worry we have your answer ready.

How much does it actually cost to adopt and raise a Combai dog?

Good news for you, Kombai is one of the low maintenance pets. You can easily get a native Kombai for about Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 and the monthly keeping cost is average Rs.2500 and if you like to spend on your pets and take great care for their needs it will cost you probably Rs.8000.

And there is no hidden cost and expensive visits to the Vet. We understand that it is time and money consuming taking your pets to a professional Vet. And no, we won’t call you selfish for that. Now, who wants a pet that gives you a headache by falling sick every other day right?

Combai dog is accustomed to the hot weather of southern India, where many other pets would have died. Their light coat and strong body is the reason that they can survive in such weather. Kombai is naturally resistant to many diseases, especially parasites, which is very common to other dog breeds.

This means you don’t have to frequently spend your money on Vet visits. Although we always encourage you to take your pets to Vet for a regular check-up.

Are Kombai dogs dangerous for Children?

The simple answer is no. Kombai is not dangerous to children of the family if they get to bond or socialize from a young age. The problem is combai doesn’t have the mild or sweet temperament which a child wants in his or her pet. Kombai is aggressive towards strangers, guard dogs have to be like this.

Kombai is more of an adult’s dog. They can be sweet and affectionate to their owners and don’t mind having fun with them. They are overprotective to their families and loves to watch over them. Training is a must if your dog is going to be surrounded by children. Once trained to behave, Kombai can be a good companion for children too. But the kids must learn not to trigger it by trying to hold it wrongly.

There are a wide variety of dogs to choose from that will love to play with your children.

But if this is your first time owning a dog, then we don’t recommend a Combai. Kombai owners have to be experienced, so they can train them.

What should be the diet for a Kombai dog?

There is no requirement for a special diet. As a pup, a Kombai should get 4 meals a day and as he gets older the meals keep reducing. For a 10 to 12 weeks pup, 3 meals per day are fine and for 18 to 24 weeks pup 2 meals per day are enough. For a kombai more than a year, one full meal or 2 light meals are sufficient. You will eventually learn how your dog prefers to be served.

Rice, boiled eggs, boiled chicken for essential protein, boiled carrots, dry kibbles, mashed potatoes, or apple after removing seeds should make the bulk of the diet menu. Chicken can be replaced by non-salted cottage cheese. Besides other supplements like calcium should be given as prescribed by the Vet. Always maintain a routine and we don’t encourage snack treats too much.

You can provide them safe chewable toys to prevent boredom. Make sure that water is readily available and the food bowl is cleaned properly. Don’t forget to ensure that the water provided to your dog is clean.

Now that being said, you must also know what must you avoid at any cost. Here is the list:

  • Don’t give them any kind of spoiled foods or leftovers of human food. It can cause vitamin deficiency in your dog.
  • Avoid beverages and snack treats containing chocolates.
  • Masala or curry because it contains onions, garlic and chives.
  • any type of fried food.
  • salt and salty foods are a big no-no.

No reliable life expectancy statistics are found for Kombais. But it is a fact that proper diet and medication helps to keep them healthy for a long time.

What possible health issues can a Kombai dog have?

Yes, we told you that Kombai doesn’t need a regular Vet check-up. But nobody is 100% resistant to diseases, right? Kombai dog is naturally resistant to many diseases and parasites is one of them.

Now that being said, there are few conditions that you’ll find in Kombai dog and when you discover these don’t waste any more time and hurry up to a Vet.

The first condition we will be talking about is Dysplasia: a common problem in which the thigh bone doesn’t fit in comfortably at the hip joint. The dog feels a lot of pain and can not walk properly showing lameness. Proper medication is enough to cure this disease. But in case of the disease being acute, Vet may suggest for a surgery,

The second most common condition in Kombais is ‘Dermatitis’: a skin problem due to hot and warm weather. The weather in Tamil Nadu is really hot. this type of weather is helpful to viruses and insects. Daily grooming is more than enough to prevent such diseases. Though Kombai doesn’t need frequent baths, a few baths over the year would do just fine. But regular cleaning it’s ear is a good precaution to many diseases, as it tends to be more sensitive in this area.

Kombais are allergic to ‘Anesthesia’ given to them during Vet check-ups or any important surgery. The symptoms of this allergy can remain for a long time causing some other diseases. Mosquitoes are a threat to your dog because they carry diseases like ‘Heartworms’ from one dog to another.

You should always take bad breath seriously. it can be a result of major gum infection. Here are some tips to note: if your dog’s breath smells sweet, it indicates diabetes. If the smell is like urine, then it indicates a kidney problem. So do not avoid these symptoms and quickly get your dog checked up.

Kombai is an energetic dog. Only walking down the roads for 10 minutes won’t be enough for them. You must give them space to run and exercise. If you confine them to your apartment only, they can show abnormal behaviour, aggressiveness, ferociousness and destructiveness. You can just make them your jogging partner instead. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

How do you train your Combai dog?

This is the most important question before getting a Kombai dog. Without training, a Kombai is nothing but a constant threat to everyone. Most of all they will bark the sanity out of you and your neighbours who will constantly shout on you to make it quiet.

If you get a kombai puppy training will be easy. Just start with basics like “sit down” ” stand up” “stop” etc. When your dog starts responding to your commands give them some rewards and praise them. Don’t teach them more than one instruction at a time. Let them take their time, don’t push them to learn fast. It will cause confusion only. Keep your tone confident and serious.

You should always expect your Kombai barking at first-time intruders into your property. They are called the best watch guard dog for a reason. That’s why it is important to make your friends and family socialize with Kombai to prevent frequent barking at them. You can take it out in the neighbourhood or in the park to let it socialize with people. But it is okay if it doesn’t accept greetings from strangers, It is their instinct to protect you against any odds.

Train it to always wear a leash whenever you both go outside. If you have children in your home, let them play with your dog under your supervision. Yeah, we know it will take a little effort to get a kombai comfortable around your family and friends but in the end its worth it.

Teach them what is good or bad behaviour to you. If they behave nicely, give them treats to encourage. Kombai’s love to please their masters. That’s why It’s better if their owners become their instructors too. These training sessions will also help to improve your bond with your dog.

Combai dog is famous for its athletic body and high energy. You shouldn’t adopt a kombai if you can’t provide it with a secured space to roam around. If you let it play in your backyard make sure it is properly fenced.

For all these reasons mentioned above, we don’t recommend Kombais to a novice .

Do Kombai dogs adapt well with other pets?

A big NO. Yes, you have read it right. You can not have small pets in the presence of a Kombai. Kombais are hunters, reputed to kill bears and leopards. It doesn’t behave nicely with pets like cats or hamsters because of being extremely territorial and overprotective.

But yes, if you adopt a little Kombai puppy and let it bond with other dogs in the house, it can learn to treat them as a pack. Kombais are just extremely possessive and don’t like to share their territory with other dogs especially male dogs. They easily get into fights with other animals and trust me on this, you don’t want to watch a Kombai fight.

Kombai Dog – An Ultimate Watch Dog?

Well, you can guess why the Royals used to take Kombai dogs with them to the hunting expeditions. Or why the farmers would just sit in their houses sending a Kombai to herd their cows or sheep?

Kombai dogs are the best watch guard dog and it is a fact. They are wonderful at this task. They would die to protect their family and wouldn’t think twice. This feature makes it distinctive.

In ancient times, Indian Royalties had kombai dogs as their royal hunters. In the passage of time, the need for hunting slowly diminished and increased the demand for a watch guard to protect houses from uninvited intruders. With the modernization of our world and highly developed technology, the need for a guard has vanished. And so has vanished the demand of a brave and ferocious Kombai too.

Kombais are aggressive and overprotective of their master. They do not let any outsiders enter into the property without permission. They are suspicious of strangers and are always on high alert. you must teach your dog what is a true danger means and train them accordingly. Who knows, maybe someday, your training will pay off.

Where will you find one?

Now that we know pretty much everything about a Kombai dog, where are you actually going to look for it?

If you live in India, it’s pretty easy. You can just visit Kombai village located in Theni. There you will find many pure breeders. Or if you don”t live in India you can just search “Kombai breeders near me” and Google will suggest a list of breeders. Before reaching out to any breeder you should always read reviews.

From the beginning of time, people always fall in love with beauty. Indians don’t give much value to their native animals. Maybe that’s the reason, this royal hunter dog has become so rare nowadays. No detailed records are found on this breed.

But here is the thing. You may get all emotional and want to have a dog like Kombai without understanding if you can give it what it needs. In this article, we have tried to deliver all possible information you may require. Confining a strong, athletic dog in an apartment just because you like it, is cruelty.

If you have read this article so far, you must have known what to expect from a Kombai dog. Now decide if the kombai dog is the right choice for you. In this world of show_the off where pets are merely just a symbol of status, are you ready to have a genuine friendship and loyalty for a lifetime?

We know, there’re a lot of efforts needed from your side be it training or caring or spending money, but for a brave dog who will fight for you till death, its worth it, isn’t it?

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