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Why Cats Are Better than Dogs.

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why cats are better than dogs

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Cats and Dogs have been pets for a long time, but which can be a better pet is still a huge debate. Pet enthusiasts are leaning towards both sides. Both pets come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Cats have a bad reputation among dog owners and general people who don’t own any pet. Here are some reasons which will make you buy felines for yourself soon.

1. Cats are cheaper to own than Dogs.

Cats are way cheaper than dogs for both owning and maintenance. Buying a dog can cost you somewhere around 200-250$/14000-17000 rupees for smaller breeds and price can go very steep for larger breeds. On the other hand, owning a cat can cost you 150-200$/10000-14000 rupees while cats can also be costly depending on the cat breeds but it is relatively cheaper compared to dogs. Food and grooming expenses for your feline friend is less compared to dogs. Felines eat way lesser than the dog. Some dog breeds like Great Dane eat 2-3kgs of food per day on average.

Cats are cheaper than dogs

2. They are very clean compared to dogs.

Cats generally are very clean, they groom themselves regularly which makes them relatively low maintenance pets compared to dogs, on the other hand, have you seen dogs groom itself? You probably wouldn’t have. Dogs can be messier sometimes which makes them high maintenance pets. Felines shed hair but it is very less compared to dogs.

cat grooming

3. Cat Persons are Intelligent.

Recent research report about felines shows that people who are attracted towards cats are Intelligent, Introvert and Trustworthy. People who have felines tend to be more independent. Buying a feline will not make you intelligent it’s like people who are naturally attracted to cats are intelligent. Dog person tends to extrovert and more social than a dog person.

cat peoples are intelligent

4. Cats are Funnier than Dogs.

Felines are the funniest pet types they are the “Mr.Bean” of the pet world. Just throw a cucumber to your cat they will jump to the ceiling. Cats are the rulers of social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Check out some random cat videos on youtube and see how funny they are. Providing toys to cats can make them engaged for the whole day and looking at them playing with a toy can make you happier.

Cats are funny

5. They require less space and are good for an apartment.

Cats are generally compact in size hence making them more suitable for an apartment. They are suitable for even a small house where having a dog as a pet can be impossible. While dog breeds like Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff and Saint Bernard requires large space with gardens for them to feel comfortable.

cats are good for apartments

6. Cats can be quickly potty trained.

Cats can be trained to use a litter box easily from the kitten stage. Just place a litter box, their instinct to use litter box kicks in. But on the other hand, some dog even after and year old cannot be potty trained. This makes felines better than dogs the in potty trainability. So cats don’t need a walk as dogs do.

cats acn be litter box trained .

7. Having a Cat as a pet can reduce heart disease.

Getting back home to a feline friend can make you happier by reducing your stress levels as they are funnier. When you are stress-free most of the times, you are more likely to have a healthier heart. This reduces the risk of a heart attack.


  • Cats are very funny.
  • They require very less space hence they do well in apartments.
  • They are cheaper to own and maintain compared to dogs.
  • It’s easy to potty train them. Simply use litter box.
  • They can reduce your stress levels.