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why cockatiels are the best beginner pet birds

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Cockatiel best pet birds

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Choosing the right pet can be difficult these days due to, the wide variety of pet’s available in the market. Dogs, Cats, Fish and Birds are the most common pet’s type people choose. Every pet animal has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pet birds are gaining more popularity these days. Pet birds come in a lot of types, colours and personalities to choose from these days so, choosing the right bird as a beginner can be difficult. That is why cockatiels can be the best option for you as a beginner.


Having Australia has a native land these species are the smaller members of the Cockatoo family. Cockatiels in the wild usually live in flocks. They are grey in colour with a circular orange patch on their cheek. Cockatiels have the crest on their head like the Cockatoos. The Crest is there for a reason it. It can help understand the mood of the bird. As these birds always move around in flocks they have the tendency to be social.

cockateils as pets

These birds have become the most popular pet birds all over the world because of social nature, variety of colours and low cost. They generally live up to 15-20 years.

why Cockatiel?

Cockatiels are very social birds as they live with their flock in the wild. While being in home they will consider humans as their flock mates which makes them friendly. These birds are generally not very loud and noisy making them even suitable for apartments. They mostly make flock call sounds in the morning and evening. Male Cockatiels are known for making whistling sounds and these birds are not known for their speaking ability. Due to their popularity, most breeders across the globe now supply them in a variety of colours mutations. while grey being their general colour now they available in albino, lutino and whiteface which comes with their feather design like pearl and pearl-pied.

white face cockateil

Taming cockatiels is easy because of their social nature. They do well in single or in pair. If you choose to keep them single, then spending quality time with them will make them more tamed and friendly. They have good whistling ability so they can whistle songs and sounds. Always remember don’t just buy a bird because it can whistle or talk. Every bird is good in its own way. Cockatiels eat a lot of seed varieties, fruits and vegetables.

choose cockatiels as beginner pet birds if the below points are what you need.

  • Very Social birds that can be friendly with all humans in the house.
  • Can be tamed easily with less effort.
  • Bitting is less painful because of the small beak.
  • Can live up to 15-20 years.
  • Make little to average noise.
  • Can be apartment friendly.
  • Relatively low maintenance compared to other birds.

Some cons of owning Cockatiels as pet birds

Every coin has two sides likewise Cockatiels have some disadvantages. They shed dander from their feathers small dust that can be seen near cages. Some people can be allergic to their dust. They usually spill the food all over cages because in wild they usually eat seeds on the ground. Comparing how lovely, friendly and tamed these birds can be their positiveness outweigh their cons. That is why Cockatiels are very famous pet birds.

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