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Kodaikanal better than Ooty.

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Pillar rock Kodaikanal bestplace to visit

Pillar Rocks of Kodaikanal are set of three giant rock pillars which stand 122 metres (400 ft) high and is managed by the Tamil Nadu (India) Forest Department.

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Kodaikanal comes first to my adventurous mind first, when I think about travelling to the mountain region in Tamilnadu. Dindigul district is where Kodai is located it is better than Ooty. I personally recommend my friends and family to visit Kodaikanal instead of Ooty for many reasons. Read Below points why I am recommending Kodaikanal instead of Ooty

1. Kodaikanal (Kodai) is cooler than Ooty sometimes with a “twist”.

Kodaikanal can be very cold “sometimes” compared to Ooty. Today, when I’m writing this article both Kodai and Ooty has 15degree Celcius on a temperature scale. But, Kodai has much lesser visitor than Ooty which makes you and your family enjoy the moments for yourself rather than being with a crowd. Ooty has better climate most of the time but has more visitors which can become a degree hotter than Kodai for a longer period.

Kodaikanal lake
Kodaikanal lake Boating

2. Road to Kodai is more adventurous.

If you are more of a “Biker” Or “Car person” you will have a nice hour and a half climbing uphill. These roads have a stunning view of the towns in Dindigul district along with the mountainous terrain. Driving through this road almost gives you basic training to climb Ladakh. Many Viewpoints are can be seen when you climb your way up. Most of these viewpoints focus you to the dam and towns of Dindigul district.

Kodaikanal road bends
Representation of Kodaikanal Roads.

If you are a biker you would like this place more than anything in south India.

3. Rooms in Kodai in cheaper than Ooty.

When travelling to the mountain terrain our first check would be the cost for accommodation. Comparing to Ooty where a single day stay in an average hotel would cost you an average of 1000 rupees/ 15 dollars will only cost you 500 rupees/ 7 dollars in Kodai. This can be a great benefit when you have a low budget.

upper lake from kodaikanal
View of the upper lake from accommodation place.

4. Kodaikanal hosts Magnificent place in south India.

While Ooty has its own extraordinary places, Kodai has stunning places like Pillar rock, Guna caves, Suicide point and Boating lake which are more famous among the tourists and locals. These places when visiting can be very mind-blowing as a first time visitor.

Pillar rocks in Kodaikanal

Lake in Kodai is very popular because of cycling and boating. Both come with an average charge but the fun is unlimited with the foggy climate this place offers.

While you circle the lake either by cycle or by bike/ car you will find a lot of shops where you can purchase jerkins, handmade jewels and Chocolates.

5. Handmade clothes, chocolates and fresh tea are famous in Kodaikanal.

Who hates chocolates? At least not me, homemade chocolate in Kodai comes in different flavours and tastes to choose from. Tea packages are very cheap in Kodai, fresh and tastier it is. Homemade clothes and Jewellery are something which you should consider buying while visiting this mountain place.

home made chocolates kdaikanal
Homemade chocolates Kodaikanal

Both Ooty and Kodaikanal are distinctive in many perspectives. Kodaikanal has its advantages of its own!! Don’t forget to but those tasty homemade chocolates when you visit. See you on a different topic, until then keep dreaming and living!