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Leh Ladakh the place you should visit in your lifetime.

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Leh Ladakh best places to visit

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Leh Ladakh situated in India has one of the breathtaking places in the world. You should visit this place within a lifetime because of the intense scenic beauty this place can offer.

best places to visit in leh ladakh
View of mountains and village

Leh Ladakh

Most of the people have confusion whether Leh and Ladakh are the same places. Here is some basic information about this place. Leh is actually the capital of the Leh district in Ladakh region of India. Here is the list of places you should visit during your trip.

  • Royal Leh Palace.
  • Khardhung-la pass.
  • Pangong Tso lake.
  • Magnetic hill.
  • Chadar Trek.

Best transport option for your trip

First, let’s discuss the best travelling option to reach Leh because most of the places you visit here are located at high altitude. Roads to most of the place are tough therefore choosing the right transportation is very important. You can see below list to choose which is best for your Leh Ladakh trip.

  • Airways.
  • Car (either your own or travels cab)
  • Bike (very helpful to reach places where roads are not wide)
  • Bus (has limitation cannot visit most of the places)

Our suggestion would be a car or bike because you can visit some isolated places very easily. Now let us know about the best places during a visit.

Royal Leh Palace

royal leh palace
Royal Leh Palace

Standing on top of the cliff is the Royal Leh Palace located in the city of Leh. Construction started in the 16th century and ended in the 17th century this palace was once the residing place of the ruler of Ladakh region. This place has the best view of the city and mountains surrounding it. It shows the richness of the culture back in the 16th and 17th century. The palace now serves as an office of Archaeological Conservation Organization of Indian Government. It has a lot of paintings, crowns and jewellery used in the past.

  • Timing to visit: 7 AM to 4 PM.
  • Entry fee: RS 15 for Indian native and Rs 100 for foreign visitors.

Khardhung-la Pass

This is one such place an adventure lover would love. Situated at an altitude of 18370 feet above sea level you sure will feel as if you are standing on top of the world. It is one of the highest motorable roads in the world.

You will love this place because of the magnificent view it offers and bikers will love the roads that lead to this place as it will test the bikers ability. This place is high in altitude so it is best to take some water and oxygen cans(if needed).

  • Best time to visit: July to September (before snowfall).
  • Transport: Bike and car.

Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake

Ever wanted to be in a movie like location? Then this place is just what you wish because of the striking blue crystal clear lake surrounded by the mountains. The lake changes its colour at different times of the day because of the reflection. Being here would just ease of any depression you have and bring you a peacefulness.

  • Best time to visit: July to September after which lake will freeze.
  • Transport: Bike and Car.

Magnetic Hill.

If you imagine after reading the title that the entire mountain is going to look like a magnet then you are wrong because the mountain has some magnetic properties.

Magnetic hill Leh.
Magnetic Hill

There is a box marked in this place with white paint where you need to park your car and leave it neutral as a result you will see your car slowly move uphill. This looks like as if the car is defying the gravity.

  • Best time to visit: March to September
  • Transport: bike and car.

Chadar Trek

Located in Zanskar of Ladakh region at an altitude of 11,150 ft Chadar Trek is one place you should not miss in your trip. Imagine walking on a frozen river with mountains on both sides that is what exactly happens in Chadar Trek. You will walk on a river Zanskar, certainly frozen along with a view of mountains almost on both sides which to you seems like a dream.

chadar trek leh ladakh
Chadar Trek
  • best time to visit: mid-January to mid-February.

There are still a lot more places to visit but don’t forget to visit the places we listed. Bon Voyage!!

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